Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Second Time Round

Hi there again Sorry for not writing anything for a long while. Much water has flowed down the river and much has happened since. Anyways, this time round I would like to say something about the title above. Remember the first time you did something or tasted something? Well recently I took a trip to Temerloh to partake in the gulai tempoyak Ikan Patin. The last time I tasted it was way back in 2009. So you can imagine the thrill and anticipation of tasting it again. After all the first time I tasted it, it was delicious and the fish melted in the mouth. The price for a 6 person meal was reasonable. What with the ulams and other condiments with the meal. So there I was driving to Temerloh. A lot of changes had taken place, a new highway, new factories being built and the usual cutting of trees. I have always wondered why is it necessary to cut down the trees and then after the building the factories or houses or whatever, we plant trees again. Perhaps our architects, engineers and landscape architects can think of a way to facilitate construction without cutting the trees. Anyway, back to the gulai tempoyak Ikan Patin. As they say, the second time round can either be a joy or a disappointment. To my rue, this time round was a disappointment. The rice was flat (tak gebu) and not fluffy. A lower quality of rice was served and the portions smaller. I guess the kuah tempoyak was diluted in that the taste of tempoyak was hambar. And the fish - owwwwwww. it was a disaster. The price was six times more expensive. Definitely a let down.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 great tips

It's time to upgrade your sex life, and to get your partner turned on like never before. We already knew that women love sex, but have we ever thought of sex positions women really enjoy or feel comfortable while reaching orgasm? There are many sex positions out there, only some of them give more pleasure to women. Women are always ready to accept and enjoy men's favorite sex positions but women seldom ask for their favourite position(s). The time has come for men to understand what women really want in bed. Remember, great sex happens only when there is a smooth balance between pleasure and comfort. We bring you five amazing sex positions you need to explore and women always wanted to have. 1. Get dirty with doggy style: Women definitely enjoy doggy style. It is probably one of the best sex positions, and also the most arousing position for men. Make sure to perform this style with intimacy and pleasure. 2. The overused style, missionary position: No doubt, the man-on-woman position is the most common one. It's boring but sex mostly begins with missionary position, and women still like it. In this position women get more intimate with their partners through eye contact. 3. Women like riding, cowgirl style: It's a big turn-on for both the sexes, and perhaps the sexiest sex position. Sometimes women like to dominate men during sex. In this position women can move back and forth and stimulate their G-spot for a big orgasm. You may also try reverse cowgirl position. 4. Get more intimate with spoons position: Side by side sexual position is one of the most comfortable sex positions, and it can really last long. Get naughtier by doing some dirty talk while you can. 5. Out of control, the standing position: Sometimes women want to jump out of the bed and play again in standing position. In this style, she sits on a surface and he thrust her from the front as deeply as he can, and in all likelihood gets the chance to hit the G-spot. Try this position in the kitchen or on a tabletop. Simply go ahead and give your girl the most amazing orgasm of her life.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ideas to Lose Belly Fat

Ideas to Lose Belly Fat

Something that is always asked by those looking to lose weight is how to lose belly fat. It’s a question that ends up being asked a lot. We ask it every January 1st as it comes time to set the New Year’s Resolution for the coming year. We ask it in April or May when the weather starts to heat up and we can’t hide in a sweatshirt anymore. And we ask it of ourselves when we have our birthdays.

But before I begin to go over the steps to lose belly fat, and how I lost mine, you have to forget spot reduction. That hasn’t worked and will never work. You cannot do sit-up after sit-up and expect to all of a sudden get a six pack.

The only way to get a six pack is for you to burn the fat that is over your abs…and to do that you need to lose belly fat.

Step 1:

Proper hydration. Not only is proper hydration the foundation of health, if you drink enough water throughout the day you keep your stomach full and not be hungry. This comes into play in several ways…

First, by drinking 16 ounces of water right after waking up you ignite your metabolism and start yourself burning calories immediately. In addition, by drinking the same amount of water before a meal, you consume 15% fewer calories at that meal.
And finally, if you were to quit drinking alcohol and sugary beverages for water, you could easily save 200-300 calories a day. This can translate into about 30 pounds of fat a year that you can lose.

Step 2:

Strength training. I list strength training before I list cardiovascular exercises for a specific reason. They are typically neglected by people who are overweight. This is especially true of women who are looking to lose weight. The thinking is that you can lose all the weight you need to by just doing cardiovascular exercises.
Not going to happen. Here’s why.

By adding muscle, you actually turn your body into a more effective fat burning machine. You will burn more fat between your workouts, when you are sitting down, even when you are sleeping, by working out with weights or resistance bands. This is why strength training is an integral part of losing belly fat.

Step 3:

Aerobic exercises. Now it is time for the cardio. And there are plenty of cardio exercises for you to choose from, whether it be walking, running, the stepper, elliptical, treadmill or rowing machine. But the key is how you use them.
And by this I am talking about interval training. Intervals are short bursts where you go at maximum effort followed by longer periods where you work at lower levels of effort.

For example, on the elliptical machine you may increase the resistance and work at maximum effort for 30 or 60 seconds and then work at about 50-60% effort for 60 seconds as a recovery period before you begin the next interval.

Every study I have seen has shown that intervals burn more calories, and more importantly more calories from fat, than steady aerobics where you work at the same level of intensity through the length of time that you are on the cardio machine.

Step 4:

Eat right. You need to start eating foods that are considered ‘negative calorie foods’. These are nutrient dense yet calorie poor foods that will fill your stomach but at the same time not add a large number of calories to your system. It doesn’t matter how much exercise you do if you insist on eating high calorie foods you will never lose belly fat.

And the final step to losing belly is to…

Dump the scale. That’s right. I said get rid of it. Throw it out. Here’s why.

Your scale measures your combination of muscle, fat, bone and water weight. And if you are following my recommendations to lose belly fat, like drink plenty of water and strength train, you will be adding muscle and water to your system. That means that your weight is going to go up. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are gaining fat.

You will be losing fat if you follow these steps. But the scale will not agree. That is why it is much better for you to get a tape measure and measure your waistline which will show your progress in reducing your belly fat.

Thursday, September 8, 2011



1 1/3 cups fat-free milk
1/2 cup quick cook oats
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup whole-wheat flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 egg, beaten
2 tsp canola oil
1 large banana, peeled and sliced into 1/4-inch slices
1/2 cup sugar-free strawberry preserves

In a large mixing bowl combine the milk and oats; allow to set for 10 minutes.

Sift the flours and baking powder together. Add the flour mixture, egg, and canola oil to the oats; stir together until moistened but do not beat. Stir in the banana.

Spray griddle with nonstick cooking spray and heat up over medium heat. Drop the batter by 1/4 cupfuls onto the hot griddle. Cook about 3 minutes until bubbles form on on the tops and bottoms are browned. Turn and cook another minute or two until second side is browned.

Microwave the preserves on high until syrupy, about a minute or so. Serve this syrup with the pancakes.

Yield: 6 servings of 3 pancakes and 2 tablespoons of the syrup.
176 calories, 3 g (1 sat) fat, 35 g carbs, 6 g protein, 36 mg cholesterol, 2 g fiber, 198 mg sodium

To improve carb to protein ratio, I always recommend a couple slices of bacon or sausage (turkey or protein products are okay) with a serving of pancakes.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Losing Belly Fat with a 10 Minute Workout

Are you looking to change the shape of your body or trying to lose belly fat without joining a high priced gym? If so, try this high energized cardiovascular fitness routine that that was developed by Keli Roberts.

With this 10 minute exercise routine you can burn up to 150 calories every single day.

The first two minutes of this fat burning routine is: Jump Rope – Begin by performing two jumps for each turn of the rope. Safety: Use the correct size jump rope and always land softly on the balls of your feet (that is the upper part of the bottom of your foot). Keep thinking I am losing weight.

Minutes two to three: Squat Thrust into a Push Up. The proper technique for this exercise is to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms strait down next to your sides. Slowly squat down with your head forward and bring your hands to the floor just outside of your feet. Your hands should be pointing forward as well. Then in one movement, push your legs back and out behind you (into a pushup position). Perform one strict pushup and then jump back into your squat position and then stand back up. Keep thinking, the fat is vanishing.

Minutes three to four: Jump Rope with only one jump per turn. Keep thinking, The fat is melting away.

Minutes four to five: Back to the Squat Thrust and Push Up only this time you are going to add the Side Plank. After completing your squat thrust and push up, you are going to lift and rotate your left arm off of the ground and over your head. Your left foot will rotate and rest on top of you right foot. And you will rotate your neck so you are looking up at your ceiling. Rotate back to the center and repeat on the other side. When finished, hop back into your squat position, stand up and start again. Keep thinking, no more belly.

Minutes five and six: Jump Rope. Same as minutes three and four. keep thinking, I am losing body fat.

Minutes six and seven: Back to the Squat Thrust and Push Up only this time you are going to add the Leg Lift. This is the same as minutes two and three only this time you will lift the toes of one foot about twelve inches off of the ground only after you have performed your push up. Lower your foot and repeat on the other side. Hop back up to your squat position, stand up, and start again. Keep thinking, goodbye belly.

Minutes seven and eight: Jump Rope. Same as minutes three and four. Keep thinking, my belly is getting smaller.

Minutes eight and nine: Back to the Squat Thrust and Push Up only this time you are going to add Mountain Climbers. Repeat everything as in minutes two and three only this time after your push up, you will quickly jog in place from your push up position. Make sure you bring your knees up to your chest on each rotation. Perform 5 jogs and repeat this entire process. Keep thinking, I am going to lose weight.

Minutes nine and ten: Jump Rope. Same as you first two minutes. Keep thinking. If I do this everyday, I will lose belly fat. Good luck to everyone.

We recommend using a soft padding such as a yoga mat when performing this exercise. This will cut down on any injury and save some of those knee joints for you.
How to Do Squat Thrust Exercises —powered by

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Neuropathy is a functional change or pathological disturbance in the peripheral nerves. Know anymore than you did? Probably not. Let's see if we can get a better understanding of what all that mambo-jumbo means!

The human body's nervous system has two main parts with the Central Nervous System being the one we hear the most about. This is the part of the nervous system that includes the brain and spinal cord. The one we hear less about is also a very important one. The Peripheral Nervous System is made up of the nerves that connect the Central Nervous System to the other organs and muscles in the body. As you can imagine, the peripheral nerves affect a lot of areas of the body. Now back to our original definition of neuropathy, a functional change or pathological disturbance in the peripheral nerves, one can see how neuropathy can become a big problem.

The peripheral nervous system is made up of three different types of nerves. They are motor nerves, which are responsible for voluntary movements such as waving goodbye, walking, etc. Another is sensory nerves which allow us to feel pain, hot and cold, etc. The third type is the autonomic nerves. As the name implies, these nerves control our involuntary movements such as breathing, heart beats, etc. Obviously, the nervous system is very complex and one of more nerves may be involved in neuropathy.

Symptoms of neuropathy can come on suddenly or gradually over time, depending on the types of nerves involved. Unfortunately, diabetes is the most common cause of neuropathy so we diabetics need to be aware of the symptoms because early intervention is important in treatment and recovery. In most cases, the early symptoms are weakness, pain, or numbness. Symptoms such as difficulty walking, stumbling or tiring easily, muscle cramps, trouble holding onto objects, an unsteady gait, dizziness when standing up may be symptoms. Some people complain of their hands and feet feeling as though they are wearing gloves or slippers when they are not. Because the peripheral nerves involve so many areas, there are many different types of symptoms. This can lead to problems getting a diagnosis since so many of these symptoms also relate to other illnesses. If you notice one or more of these symptoms for an extended time, check with your doctor. He or she may refer you to a neurologist, a doctor whose specialty is the brain and nerve disorders. A complete history of the symptoms should be presented and such tests as an EMG (electromyography), blood tests and urine tests will probably be done.

The key to recovery is to seek help as soon as you suspect problems. Recovery time depends on how much damage has been done and if nerve damage is left untreated for a long period of time, the symptoms could become irreversible. Don't ignore the symptoms! This is your life, your future and your comfort we are talking about here. Most of us human beings have a tendency to think it's our imagination, it will get better on its own, the doctor will think I'm just a complainer, I'll mention it when I see the doctor in six months, etc. Wrong! At the risk of repeating myself, I feel that I must stress early diagnosis and treatment is important for this one. Don't let yourself have permanent nerve damage because you waited too long to admit you had a problem.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Participating in the drama of life

From now on, I shall relegate the past to the past and consign it to the past only to drawn upon when in doubt and in need of inspiration. I shall now peer into the future with a new clear vision.

The burden of the past weighs heavily upon the mind no matter what the experts say. The past consists of both the good and the bad BUT yet we only tend to recall the negative and gloss over the positive. That's being human after all.

The unfortunate effect is that this dwelling on the negative spoils one's attitude and as attitude is the primary motivator to future action, the future is as a consequence invariably spoiled. After viewing the past negatively self doubt and self hesitancy occurs causing one to doubt oneself in almost every aspect. Ultimately there is less enthusiasm in life, and the courage to create newness or face challenges lessens. Even summoning the courage seems to be lacking.

Looking back at the past is a bad habit and everyone struggles to get rid of their die-hard bad habits. Whilst we look at others enviously when they manage to get rid of their die hard bad habit, we should not get upset; instead we should look at ourselves to see how successful we are in getting rid of our own bad habits.

We should extend mental and moral support to help them overcome their weaknesses. We must be patient, flexible and have a molding nature. Recalling the past is also largely habitual. there has to be the aim to break that habit. To take each day as if it is a new life with new possibilities.

Wisdom gives the understanding that life does not function haphazardly. It teaches that everything that happens in the theater of life has deep meaning and significance.

What happened in the past should empower us to make better decisions with the passage of time. We can never change it and we can never relive it. The power of the past is to learn form our past mistakes and to move on to a brighter future.

When I recognize the importance of time, I will know how important life is. I would understand the fact that each moment offers something more significant than what is apparent. This perception enables me to make the best use of the present moment, finishing carelessness and bringing alertness.